KNX Certified Training

Training centers authorized by the KNX Association by meeting certain conditions can provide this training. Genya Engineering is one of the few training centers in Turkey. Participants are given KNX approved training and become a KNX partner. The trainings are given by Fatih ÜLKER, a KNX Tutor. Our classes are organized for a maximum of 4 people. At the end of the 5-day training, it is complemented by an online exam and practical exam held by KNX. All participants who complete the evaluation process are given a KNX approved certificate.

Uncertified KNX Training

Special ethics are made about how KNX information is needed and how it works specifically for devices and its parametric structure. These trainings are mostly tailored to needs.

What is KNX (KONNEX)?

Major manufacturing companies in Europe came together in 1990 and established the EIB Association (EIBA) and standardized their Building Automation Systems. Later, BCI (France) Batibus systems, EIB Association (Belgium) EIB system, European Home Systems Association (Netherlands) EHS system came together and established KONNEX Association.

KNX is the most widely used Building Automation System in the world today, it is a system used in 190 countries with 500 Manufacturers, more than 8000 products, 515 KNX Training Centers and more than 93000 partners. (14.10.2020)